Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Drop everything and make a sweater, despite the 35C temperatures!

I must admit that I made a second trip to Romni Wools, and got in on the last day of their sale. I was looking at some Jo Sharp cotton in a lovely chartreuse called Parakeet, but it had 35 % microfiber, which I think means polyester, doesn't it? And there were only 10 balls, and it was $7-something a ball (which, especially with another 20% off, is not that much -- And, oy, why didn't I stock up on Rowan in England, because as expensive as it is there, it's way worse here!). Then I found this 100% cotton, in a colour called Rockpool, and it was $6.30 a ball, there were 13 balls, and it seemed an all-round better idea. So now I'm looking through all my old magazines looking for the perfect DK weight cotton sweater that needs 13 balls or less, and I'm having a heck of a time! I'd kind of like to have it for "back to school" time, if I can stop my hands sweating in this weather!

I thought of this lovely from a 1987 Vogue Knitting, but it would be so boring to make! Each row of the netty bit is just yo, p2tog, and then there are the 8-stitch stockinette stripes with a twist every 16 rows! Not very engaging, but don't you just want to do your shopping like she does?

So now I'm thinking of this, from a slightly more recent issue, which I thought was too bed-jackety when it first came out, but now, if I made it longer and generally bigger, I think it'd be cool. It's written for a completely different gauge, and the size large is 37 inches around! So there's some swatching to be done for this one!

Or I might just figure out a nice lacey pattern, start at the top and work down till I use up all the yarn.

And some local updates: Arthur and Stephen both came to Mama Mary's barber shop and got the summer buzz cut! Very stylish, and a good way to beat the heat. Yay for the Deluxe Home Barber Kit! Yes, we did this outside in the twilight...

And some of you in the 'hood know KT, who has gone to England for 6 months. Sheesh, why couldn't we have coordinated that a bit better?? Anyways, she now has a blog, Kentish KT. Check it out, folks.

Well, it's taken most of the day for me to get this done. I'm still getting the wireless from the neighbours, off my front porch. And it pops in and out, so I get stalled in the middle of loading pictures and so on. Friday we should get our very own connection, and then you shall see some action. I have a few big stash bags that I'll sort out as soon as the temperature drops below 30 or so, and several projects to make rash promises about! Found some handles for the denim bag, for instance. But now, it's down to the cool basement for bedtime...

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  1. it's amazing to think of Rowan yarns as affordable! In fact the time to buy is really the sales... well what you lose in Rowan you make up in all the other goodies that are hard to get here!


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