Monday, June 26, 2006

Five things times two

We're really into the end game here. Tuesday we leave for a week (computer-free, so likely no updates) in Cornwall. Then back for a week or so, and then off! Perhaps today, since I got up freakishly early, I shall try to compile one of those "greatest hits" lists.

In no particular order, five things we didn't get around to:

Going to York
Renting a boat -- okay, it's not that we didn't get around to it, but it's something I would have liked to do, 20 years ago perhaps... Four people on a narrowboat for more than half an hour would have been crazy!
The Lake District
The Cotswolds -- What does it say that this page is in English and Japanese?? For more pictures, try here. There are buckets of images available, since it's a beautiful and photogenic part of the world.
Brighton -- The Pavilion and more.... I would actually have liked to see my old neighbourhood, where I lived in 1972!
Going here to get yarn!

Oops, that's six...

Five things that were super-fantastico:

Having to cross the river every day to get anywhere. A rare picture with no boats -- they all moved away for the duration of the Midsummer Fair.

Going across a field in the pouring rain to see standing stones, on Mull. The whole Mull trip was great, despite the car trouble and the rain and stuff!


The beach day at Harlech

The knitted wedding!

Hooking up with so many nice knitters! What would I have done without you?

Stonehenge, Ely, watching rowing races, all the great floors and ceilings I have seen, strolling past King's College and other wonderful buildings all the time, tracking down pillarboxes, having flowers in my garden, going places on the train, visiting London, meeting Kay, Polly, Amelia and Mary and having tea at Liberty! And many more...

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