Monday, September 11, 2006

Dishrags and neck-warmers

Lookee what I won! My friend KT made it. It's a moose dishcloth, in case anyone was wondering! It's nice and cream coloured now, but it'll get dirty soon enough....

I am making dishcloths, too. I have a couple done, and I haven't hit on my perfect dishcloth pattern. I've done the ballband, of course, and the diamond, sometimes called Grandmother's Favourite, and the Mason-Dixon hexagon. Maybe I should try a moose one.... (The link to the pattern I have found is not working... just google and see what you can find!)

I was working on the Rockpool cardigan, and somehow started knitting onto one of the short circular needles that are holding the sleeve stitches. What a muddle... That's fixed up, and I'm continuing down the body. A dishcloth here and there provides a break from paying attention to the lace.

I opened a big bag o' stuff in the closet this morning, and found yet more scarves. Honestly, a family of 4 hardly needs 12 or 15 scarves! I have ones that I specially made for people, and I have ones that I made to use up some yarn. I have long, short, silk, cotton, wool, and even lime-green polyester (you can guess whose that is). Sheesh. I kinda feel like I should line them all up and expose the true situation here. Shall we have a "show off the scarves" day? Wednesday? Okay, I'll show my whole knitted scarf collection on Wednesday, the 13th. If you want to show yours, too, leave me a comment so I can find you!


  1. Hey - very funny on the scarf collection!

  2. Good idea. I was just starting to think about sorting out the scarves and hats so I may join you.

  3. That is such a cute dishcloth.

    I love your cardigan, the pattern looks great and I think you are very clever to be doing your own pattern. Looking forward to seeing the finished object.

    Thanks for the sweet comment about the children all dressed for school.

  4. What's the pattern for the Ballband/brick-like pattern? Am working on a Lighthouse at the moment tobe followed by a Love Cloth...Hmmm.

  5. Now, I think everyone should go out and buy Ann and Kay's book, but not just for a traditional dishcloth pattern! Start your search at

  6. I have way too many scarves as well! It's just so perfect for those special skeins you find when traveling around. They are bursting out of my closet! I'll try to get a picture up tomorrow as well.


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