Friday, September 15, 2006

Loving the stash

I've just booked tickets to fly out west to see my parents. I'll be going in a few weeks. So, of course, I begin to wonder what to take, knitting-wise. I've never had any trouble with knitting needles on planes on a domestic flight, but it never hurts to plan ahead -- should I find plastic needles, another pair of chopsticks??

Having discovered a cool set of bright red plastic needles, 4 mm double points, I had to find some yarn and started rummaging through the stash. Ahh, here's the wool left over from the Weasleys! Perfect! Perhaps I'll make a ... scarf?! Maybe I'll start with a hat.

We're off this weekend to London. Not that London, but the one in southern Ontario. We're borrowing a car, so I'll take the Rockpool and a dishrag or two and see what I can get done in the car. I did renew my expired Ontario drivers licence, so perhaps I shall even drive! I hear there's a yarn shop to check out, and my brother has a hot tub!

For the postal lovers among you, KT has taken up pillar box stalking with a vengeance, and has a beaut on her blog.

See you next week!