Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Progress is being made

I managed to snap a few pictures outside this morning before the torrential rain began. Summer is over, with a vengeance! We were hoping for a few scorching days before the snow flies, since we just installed air conditioning, but it seems like Fall is here already!

But, enough of that. Here's some knitting! This is a Tit Bit, which I was inspired to knit for Team Tit Bit long, long ago, during the Olympics! I am woefully late, aren't I? (I knew I wouldn't get it done during the Olympics, but I meant to get it done several months ago. It was the stuffing that held me up...) This is, in fact, a snappy fast and fun knit, and you should all make one. Lucky me, Beryl is nearby, and I will hand deliver it... sometime soon!

I've finally reached the end of the yoke on my top-down raglan lace cardigan. I call it Rockpool, since that is the colour name of this yarn. The final rows of the top were over 400 stitches long, and it is a great relief to be down to slightly more manageable rows! I was going to take a real break, and work on the 90-stitch sleeves first, but I like to work with the same needle for all the bits of a project, and it doesn't seem reasonable to put 200+ stitches on a holder just to use the needle for the sleeves now. I will soldier on... Besides, it's going to be fun to work out how to match up the lace patterns under the arms!

It was so grey and dark outside when I took these pictures, that the camera wanted to flash, which washes out the stitch pattern. But I am smarter than my camera, sometimes, and did get this flash-free shot, up close and personal.

When I started this, I was worried, as I always am, that I would run out of yarn, and was contemplating shorter sleeves, but I've done this much with almost 4 balls, and I have 9 remaining, so I think I'm okay. (You all recognize this pattern, don't you: over-confidence, despair, over-confidence, despair.)

And, it's Fair time! Last year I got a third-place ribbon for a scarf at the fair near my parents' place in BC, and this year they have entered the green wool throw I sent them earlier. Not exactly sure when the fair takes place, but I'll let you know!