Monday, September 18, 2006

Learning new things

I learned many things this past weekend.

1) My nephews are very tall. They used to be babies and now they are teenagers.

2) My tall nephews have lots of Lego, which my kids greatly enjoyed. They gathered up all the people, gave them accessories and lined them up along the wall. They got to 100 before we had to leave. There was also a Lego cleaner-upper, a big vehicle you pushed along the floor and it scooped up the Lego bits like a vacuum cleaner.

3) You can't avoid the knitters. I contacted a woman I used to knit with a million years ago, and who now is seen in blog comments worldwide, but she had other commitments so we couldn't make a date. So I went to her favourite yarn shop anyways, and as I was fondling the Fleece Artist, in she walked! She once knit this and now she is knitting this, and I saw a square of it, and it is verrrrry nice!

4) Koigu is real purdy.

5) There's something called Little Big Wool.

6) It's a fine thing to have a hot tub in the back yard.

7) Two and a half hours is kind of a long time to sit in a car going 110 km/h on a busy highway. You need lots of knitting.

8) Most people go faster than 110 km/h on the highway.

9) If you want 50% off at Michael's Craft Store, you just tell them that you didn't get a coupon this week and give them your postal code, and they'll give you 50% off even without the coupon. This is lovely, especially when the yarn you are buying is already half-price. I got Patons Merino for $2/ball!

10) That Michael's is a gigantic store with good and bad stuff all artfully displayed, making you think you can do anything. We're making our own Christmas cards this year, thanks to Michael's.

And lastly, I can document none of this, because I took no pictures! My brother promises a picture of the Lego guy lineup, so check back for that!


  1. I wish we'd had that Lego cleaner-upper vehicle when my two were at the height of their Lego phase.

  2. Here I am, world wide blog commenter, myself blogless. My commitments almost always involve a yarn shop. It was so nice to see you in London, and to meet lovely Sally. My other friends did at last appear, and we knit more Lizard Ridge squares in a bar called Chaucer's.
    You mean to tell me that the agony of stepping on Lego does not have to be a part of every parent's learning through suffering?!


  3. That is my favourite yarn store too. I wish I had been on time, so that I could have met you.

    If it wasn't for leaving lego on the livingroom floor, I would have never learned how to swear...


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