Thursday, September 21, 2006

Fall is in the air

Lots of pictures today, folks. Just warning you.

Uh oh. I was raking leaves yesterday! Just a few, those first few that will fit in the backyard composter. Later in the season we'll be leaving piles of bags by the curb, but for now we like to think we can handle it. (That's not my house!) And they're so beautiful, see!

It must have been two years ago that I was walking down a nice street near here, marvelling at the purplish leaves that a certain kind of maple tree was dropping. (Google Images is not showing me just the right kind of purple maple leaves, but trust me, they were lovely, and I'll try to find you some "in the flesh" in a few weeks.)

So, when I got to the yarn shop at the end of this walk, I searched for just the right purple fall colour yarn, and finally came up with Freedom Wool by Twilleys, colour 407. And knit a gigantic seed stitch pullover, which I found when I returned to Toronto this summer. It was all knit up, and all I needed to do was sew in the sleeves and deal with the yarn ends. I don't remember having dye-lot issues, but it could be that there are 2 dye lots in there.

Funny how gigantic sweaters always look so chic on those waifish models, but just plain gigantic on me.

Anyhow, it is all done and just in time for those chilly mornings. It's too enormous to fit under a coat, I think!

I guess I should have combed my hair before taking these pictures...

But what about a nice cotton cardigan, eh? Well, that will be ready, um, in time for winter! Here it is. Forgive the goofy pose, but it's hard to take pictures of yourself in the mirror, showing off the sweater that is under the arm one needs to take the picture!

In this fit of photo taking, I snapped the finished dishcloths, too. One still on the needles -- I have to slip every other stitch, knitwise, which I find awkward, and it's just taking forever, but it'll be practically bullet-proof when done.

The waffly one.

A cheery lime-green and yellow ballband,

... and a won't-show-the-dirt dark green one, with only a bit of contrast yarn!

And there are a couple more, but Blogger is being snarky about the uploading process, so I'll save the others for another day.

So now I'll give you something that's way cool, but all I have to do is add a link... or two, okay three.... Someone on my Toronto knitting list shared this with us: Knit your own Converse All-Stars. The knitted, and the plain-old, plain-old.


  1. I'm liking that there 'jumper'! What pattern did you use? It looks great on ya. Oh, and the dishcloth, of course, would the first one be somting like k3 p3 for 3 rows then 2 in knit etc?

  2. The (ahem)jumper is from an old Vogue Knitting, but really, it's just k1 p1 forever and hardly any shaping.

    The dishcloth is k3 p3 on the wrong side, but always knit all across on the right side. Then just k for 5 rows. rinse and repeat...

  3. Okay--I go english style (I hold it all in my left hand and wibble back and forth with my right). I've just switched from circular needles up to big long needles, and was silly and got some acrylic yarn. I'm having a heck of a time casting on for my next project.

    Do you have:

    1) a sure-fire easy way for morons to cast on?
    2) thoughts on acrylic? It seems really...stiff. Tight. I picked it for its color, but I'm about to go ahead an knit my dh a soft pink scarf for Christmas instead of this green tweedy one!


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