Monday, September 25, 2006

Headgear for all

I've done a heap of finishing this weekend!

First, I learned about little Max, who is a new wee baby who needs a hat for the coming winter. I haven't met Max yet, but I bet he'll look very swank in this little hat. It's a Debbie Bliss pattern, from her cutesy period, and she would have one knit little mouse ears and a bobble for a nose, but we are a bit too sophisticated for that around here! (Remember Hugh? Hugh's mom is all tickled because someone's knitting the chicken hat for him. We can hardly wait to see that!)

I also found this hat, half-finished, in a drawer. This is a motley collection of sock-weight yarns that came in a bag at a sale, and I was unsure of fiber content, and anyways, there didn't seem enough of any one colour to embark on a pair of socks. I finished it up, and I think it will go to Streetknit.

Thrilled with these accomplishments, I took a ball of some thickish, woolish stuff and started another hat. It wasn't a full ball, but bits left over from a scarf or two a few years back.

I ended up with something which must qualify as an FO, because it's finished, but I'm unsure exactly what kind of object it is! It could be a wide headband, or a hat with no top or even a neck warmer thingy. It's a tube... I know it's a wool/ acrylic/perhaps-something-else blend, or I'd try to felt it into a bag. I think this will join the miscellany in the hat drawer and we'll see what happens to it this winter! I took a picture, but Blogger won't let me show you!

Still not done the 6th dishcloth, still not done the green cardigan, or any of the other things in the pile, but I've wound the yarn for the Reddish Scarf project into balls and cast on for that. (Mine's the reddish scarf project, because it's not quite red!) Pictures of that when it looks like something more than a few rows!

This afternoon I have to go tell Arthur's class about medieval castles and a few cathedrals. We edited our 500 or so photos of medieval stuff down to 32! Ay caramba!


  1. Cute hats - and a great way to finish up odds and ends of sock yarn, except that mine would all clash horribly.

    That chicken hat is... er... very chickeny!

  2. like the sound of the multi-purpose tube, hope Blogger allowsa picture soon. How did the castles and cathedrals go?

  3. love that red hat. terrific job!


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