Monday, March 06, 2006

My backyard

I just learned about the Backyard Fieldtrip from Anne's blog. Go to the source at Knitting Interrupted. I also just learned we were all supposed to do this yesterday, but I didn't know that... so here's my back yard today!

Here's the view from the house looking back. There's a path out the back that is our main route in and out; we rarely use the front door. The almost-falling-down shed houses some of the landlord's junk, the mini-lawnmower and the kids' bikes. On the left foreground you can see a very large rosemary bush, though I now know that there are much larger ones in the neighbourhood. And some tentative laundry on the line, seduced outside by the fleeting sun.

And here's the view of the back of the house. We have started to mess up the patio, since the sun has been out. The stack of chairs has been used as a bike rack for months!

The kids have been busy with archaeology (potsherds have been found) and gardening. Actually, digging holes for the flowers led straight into the archaeology... Scarlet told me to put eggshells around the flowers to keep the slugs out. We need a few more eggs, I think.

The red and pink flowers fit the Project Spectrum bill, so that leads me neatly from gardening to knitting. I have made 3 squares for my blanket -- devoted readers will remember that I was neglecting all to knit squares last fall. And I must say, they are still fun, fun, fun.

tell me that all these "squares" will block out to the same size! Ho ho, I say. I used up all my remaining pink DK for these, but I still have a ball of the dark red/wine colour and will make some solid colour blocks. The one rule I have for this blanket is that it alternates solid and multicoloured blocks. This looks quite garish, but really, it'll be mostly navy blue! Stay tuned for April's orange squares....


  1. Would the Canadian name for "mini-lawnmower" be Hedge Clippers? It's not as though you need a John Deere for that there lawn...! LemonSquare

  2. Love your backyard photos Mary. Especially the first one! Made me want to come right over to sit and knit out there!

  3. DArn! That's what I get for falling behind on the blogs again; I miss another opportunity to join in...

    I love the top square - black and pink and turquoise. And lavendar? Very graphic! I'll do my darnedest to remember/find the yarn for tomorrow - and I'll bring the country silk along to demonstrate the colour discrepancy, too...

  4. Lucky you, it looks so much like Spring! Good to see you've been progressing with some squares - I've got 6 Palmerston Squares done and ready to be dropped at the office. Are you going to buy a ticket for this year's raffle?!! Glad to see you're all doing well - Happy Birthday to the NINE year old - wow, they are getting old! -sue


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