Friday, March 24, 2006

Black and white for summer

I hear black and white are "in" these days. I see dresses that are white with black rosy trellises on them, as I walk through the mall (every day I walk through the same dang mall, as it's the route to the school!). They tend to be light and sleeveless and summery, and I like the look a lot.

Here's a cool modern one, and another. When I was in the V&A a couple of weeks ago, I took these pictures of the wrought iron, and the gorgeous black, white and grey floor, thinking, of course, of how one could knit these! I love the regular swirls of the top ironwork picture, and the irregular, barely there design of the bottom one.

Project Spectrum doesn't get to b&w till August, I think, but I'm pondering on this now.... A bag, perhaps...

Oh, and it's my sister's birthday today. Happy birthday to youououou.