Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Finishing up and just beginning

The Maya circle thing is getting its sideways garter sawtooth edging. All the stitches of the main piece stayed on their long circular needle, and I cast on 8 stitches on a separate needle. Then I knit the edging, but on every right side row, I knit one stitch from the edge together with one stitch from the body. I calculate that I had 248 stitches all together, which means 496 rows, and that's a lot of rows, even if they are really short! And I have to keep a marker between the body and the edge, which I have to move every time I k2tog. So, not totally mindless, but I think I'll be done in a few days.

And then what will this thing turn out to be? Well, I think it is too small to be a shawl, and besides, I've never really figured out how a round shawl is supposed to work. Probably it will be perfect for putting over your knees while working late at night, or watching TV or such. I'm quite curious about it myself, since it's been all scrunched up on the needle. We shall see.

For my March project in Project Spectrum, I will be using these pinks and reds. The pink 4-ply will become the gloves, the part-ball of pink will go into afghan squares, and the big red wool might become a scarf -- I thought I could do this sawtooth edging on both sides of a garter stitch scarf. Or it might wait, and get made into a bag with some brown wool...

All this pinkness is meant to be a side project and not the main show, which will be the big sweater -- needs sleeves and a yoke.

But, let's get one thing finished first, right?