Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Knit baby socks!

Did you know there will be an International Sock Knitters' Meeting? And did you know that they want to make the longest clothesline full of baby socks? You can contribute as many socks as you like (they give you a pattern at that link) and you can win prizes*, if you knit tons and tons of socks, and then the socks will be given to shelters for women and their families. I first found this all on Knitomatic's site -- it's a yarn shop I like in Toronto. Hmm, the socks have to be in Oregon at the end of April... Lemme just finish a few things, and a pair of baby socks shouldn't take long, should it??

*I just read this at the very bottom of their page: "You must be a member of the OpalChatters mailing list to qualify for a PRIZE. Prizes will not be awarded to non-members."
Well, I'll knit them some socks anyways!