Thursday, March 16, 2006

Knitting progress and stuff

I've been good with the stash lately, knitting more and buying less. Yessiree. And I've been also fixing to do another check on the UFO pile, so now I have a date to flash the whole lot! I can imagine that some people's stash will need more than a couple of photos, but I think my situation is under control... Maybe....

I like having Project Spectrum to point me in a direction these days. I was going to work on the big old wool sweater, known as the sweater that makes me sneeze. But since everything else is also making us all sneeze these days, I haven't got it out! I have made a pink baby hat. It's now what Ryan would call a UFOBOB, UnFinished Object Because of Buttons. Well, it actually needs the whole under-the-chin hat-holding-on mechanism: maybe a strap with a button, or ties. UFOBOHHOM, UnFinished Object Because of Hat-Holding-on Mechanism. I am also working on the pink squares. And Arthur's second sock has a full cuff now. So, little objects are great. And I would have pictures for you, but the camera is working in the lab these days.

This is very boring, isn't it? Let's find a picture for you....
This table was in the V&A, nice wood inlays. It's hard, I find, to get good rich wood tones in wool, without it looking just... brown... The quest for a nice brown sweater led to the acquisition of lots of the yarns involved in the dang sneezy sweater, though it's not turning out to be mainly brown!

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