Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Other people's stuff

You learn something new every day. Yesterday I learned at least two things. One is this: "There's a stereotype that goes like this: When somebody running a website has run out of useful things to say, they post a picture of their cat." I got it from this story, which is a few months old. Lucky for you, I don't have a cat. Since I can't actually "post the cat," I'm posting things I've picked up in my sluggish surfing of the web.

And a picture of flowers behind Trinity College...

I also learned that videos recording the frogging of knitted objects is the way of the future. Check out The Unravelling, and then the tragic Frogging Hourglass. Very scary, lemme tell you!

And today I made Polly's pie. Well, since it's a recipe that starts with marinating meat overnight, I didn't really make that particular pie, but I dumped in a pot some beef, Guinness, a leek, some mustard, some stock, a potato and who knows what, while I looked at Polly's recipe. Sort of the way I follow a knitting pattern...

Ah, knitting patterns. Have you seen this?? It's a multidirectional scarf, but look at the wacky way the stitches stretch and wave! She calls it "kureopatora's snake." Very cool indeedy! Must go get some variegated yarn! Um, after Flash the Stash day...

Ok, back to the knitting...


  1. Frogging Hourglass was very sad, but I found The Unravelling strangely pornographic - maybe something to do with the way the knitting was being held down very firmly and the extreme closeups of the ball winder?

  2. Love the Snake pattern; bookmarked for future reference! See you tomorrow? A.

  3. it was lovely to meet you and you 'made' 'my' pie ;-). I wonder how anyone could copyright recipes.. I mean, whose pie recipe is it anyway? love the spring flowers... and it was lovely to meet you too



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