Saturday, September 30, 2006

Graphing the stash

Arthur embarked on a large project today: graphing mommy's stash. We got out every bag and basket (well, actually we missed a few!) and counted it all up, sorted it by colour, and then subdivided it by "tweedy," "dark" and "light." And then, best of all, Arthur got to play with the Excel, and made this colour-coded graph:He also made a simpler pie graph that he's printed out for a math project, but our printer doesn't do colour much, so he just used some textures.

An added benefit is that I discovered in my bag of Lopi (the yarn that makes us all sneeze) the receipt! So I can take back the 9 unused skeins and get something else. Whoo hoo.


  1. I guess we're neighbours. Well sort of. I used to live a stone's throw from that decorated garage and house of a few posts ago. We've since mooved a couple of miles west. Anyway, small world.

  2. haha! when I have children, I really hope they make excel plots of stuff for me.

  3. Can I borrow Arthur to dig through my stash and chart it? I'm afraid to!


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