Thursday, December 07, 2006

Back to post boxes

If anyone is hunting pillar boxes, I just found this page, pictures of post boxes in Cumbria. There just this one from Edward VIII, number 34. And there's a gaudily decorated Penfold, which has a plaque on it, but what does it say? Must get a grant from some postal funding agency to go investigate!

And, for the true aficionado, the Post Box or Cheese quiz. (Don't click at work; it has cheesy music!)

Knitting-wise, I'm having fun with the bag o' yarn I got from Knitomatic last time I took in some Street Knit hats. I'll show you what I've accomplished with the sea-foam acrylic/mohair ASAP. I'm not sure it'll be warm, but it'll be attention-getting... And Elaine's dress... might be done by Christmas, New Year's... Valentine's Day???

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