Wednesday, December 13, 2006

WIP Wednesday -- Willpower!

Last night I realised that I have knit 19 squares for the school blanket. This is certainly enough for now! The thing won't get sewn together until May! So I should stop for a bit, work on other things, like the dress I want finished for Elaine, the second socks to match the ones I made long ago, and many other bits and bobs, including a blanket of squares of my own!

The squares are so tantalising, though! They take very little time (unless one makes 19 of them) and they are so fun, specially since I have new yarn -- try this colour with that one, figure out some schmancy stitch pattern, use up this last bit of some colour... But, I must resist...

I'd show you a picture of the red dress -- because, despite the lure of the squares, I do take the dress out and work on it -- but until I reach the bodice (a few more inches to go) it looks much the same. So, stay tuned, but don't hold your breath!

And an update about the blind woman who wanted to knit the spiral defect chaos sweater: I suggested to her that she get someone, like her clever husband, to write a code to change the black squares to B and the white squares to W, and then it would be machine-readable, and she thought that might just work. Her previous idea had been to have someone read it to her, and she would Braille it out, which would take forever! (The other might also be a lot of work, but since I don't really understand about "writing code," but I do understand that it's a large chart to read out, I think one is worse than the other!) I hope she will actually make it!

Let's see now, I must sort out the kitchen, but perhaps I'll just start a red square.... NOoooooo!!


  1. I showed Brian the yarn I chose for his Christmas scarf last night and he hates it. He said "I'm not a blue kinda guy". Back to square one!!!! He did like the pattern though - a nice cable going down the centre. Now what to do with the $60 worth of Manos. Something for myself, of course!

  2. Thanks for the update on the blind knitter. I hope she can find a way to knit the sweater. I have thought about her when I'm knitting with two colors in a relatively dark room while trying to watch tv and the number of times the two balls of yarn get tangled up is amazing. I can't imagine trying to do untangle them and knit it blind!


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