Friday, December 01, 2006

Floral eye candy

I was trying, for a few moments this week, to find a non-natural thing to celebrate here on Eye Candy Friday. But, once again, you get a plant. This one is in my living room, where it is patiently waiting the return of its true owner, Kentish KT. It's just blooming like mad, occasionally dropping those odd, upside-down flowers on the table with an explosion of pollen. I hope I can keep it going for another couple of months, no, only 6 weeks!

Hey, PS. This is my Member of Parliament, showing off her energy efficiency at home. My MP on You Tube?! What is that she's wearing? Did she knit it, or get it at the Gap?

There has been a lot of talking around about putting solar panels on your house in Toronto to generate electricity. Some are concerned about how much electricity it takes to make the dang panels in the first place -- are you using a bucket of power to get a thimbleful?

But I wish we could see her sweater better....


  1. Hi. I found your blog via Mary....quite contrary. Personally, I love plants for Eye Candy Friday!

  2. Yikes...Six weeks. Makes me want to go buy a bottle of Tesco Value Gin! Thanks for keeping the flower going - It's going great guns.


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