Thursday, December 14, 2006

The new machine

Guess what we have?
A gigantico supremo mondo Mac, with a camera that can make Pop Art pictures of the user in their dressing gown!
Now, this is not for fooling around, and it's not for blog reading and knitting pictures and all that frivolity -- this is Daddy's Work Computer. And it's not for watching kid videos on the enormous screen or anything. Nor Marble Blast...


  1. Course it isn't :-)

  2. yeah, I know all about DADDY'S WORK COMPUTER!
    Hey what level are the boys (or maybe girls too) on Marbleblast? Our boyz are at level 17 Advanced and are thinking they's gonna need some tricks and cheats to get any higher!

  3. Hmm, being the pantomime season and all that, surely the dcorrect reply to "this is Daddy's work computer" is "Oh no it isn't". Love the pop art facility.

  4. i like the picture - you look very mod. definitely needs to be blown up and hung over the fireplace!
    p.s. i've been doing crafting other than knitting. i feel like a traitor.

  5. I wish I had a 15-inch Mac Powerbook! My heavy Dell Inspiron must do for now. Sigh.


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