Monday, December 18, 2006

On track with two projects

I am switching between Elaine's red dress and Arthur's green sock, and I feel like I am making progress. I also have secret bedtime knitting, which will thrill and amaze you, after Christmas!
The pattern for the dress (in a Vogue Knitting Kids' issue from a few years back) tells me to knit the skirt 14.5 inches long, but that would be too short and she would grow out of it in no time, so I'm just using another of her dresses as a guide. I think, for once, I have tons of yarn for this project.

The sock is on 2 mm needles and involves yarn-overs and p2togs, and my poor aged eyes really don't like it! I love the idea of textured-patterned socks, but prefer to knit just round and round plain! The first sock of this pair was finished in June! I'd really like it to be done in 2006, so I must get cracking!

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