Monday, December 11, 2006

Keeping track, and WOW!

I think I'm done with "hats for the homeless" knitting for a bit. Here are two hats which will go off to a Salvation Army shelter today with other things donated at our school, and a divine (?) hat and scarf set for Street Knit.

This last is made with various yarns given to me at Knitomatic, last time I took some hats in. The hat is pale green acrylic/mohair fuzz, which still had a price tag on the label: $2.99. Mixed in with that is a strand of Kermit green something -- probably acrylic, from the sheen on it. It's quite eye-popping in real life! The scarf has a similar pale green, mixed with a purchasing error of mine -- I thought it would be jungly, and it turned out to look like a bad old couch. Anyways, it looks fine here. The middle of the scarf is a ribbing in a tasteful melange of any old yarn... Coming soon to a street corner near you....

Now for the Wow!
Once upon a time, I saw that someone had found my blog by googling "Mary Mary quite contrary knitting" or some such thing, which I thought was very silly, so I googled it, too, and ended up at...Mary, Mary Quite Contrary, duh. And I saw this post.

And so I brazenly introduced myself and said that I was knitting squares for the school blanket, and, holy smokes, she sent me a whack of yarn! It'll be great!

Ahem, it's much nicer than some of the yarn I've been using!

I shall give some of it a try very soon! Thank you so much, Mary Mary!

And speaking of how people find my blog, I am astonished that many folks still want to know how long it is till Christmas, and they come here to find out. Surely now, the 11th of December, one can just look at a calendar! But no, we like to see it in words, or a nice chart, laid out in black and white: It's coming!!! Only 14 days to goooooooo!!

I had to mail a number of presents, so I've got that out of the way, and just have to deal with the people I actually live with!


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  1. Oooh, ahh, and I love all the colours!!! I like that rainbowy one, and the orange, and the blue... and... and...!!! Great knitting, Mary!


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