Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Plans for the sweater

Here we are again! This might get boring!

I have started the body of my sweater. After making two sleeves in this lace pattern, 2.5 inches more of it is about 2.5 inches too much! But, I will only need to do a couple of rows of that pattern today, and that'll be done.

I am making one or two big changes to the pattern. (Look, it's on You Tube!) The pattern calls for bands of a slightly different lace pattern straight across the back, and then tilty and short-rowed across the front. I don't want the short rows on the front, because, especially with the colour changes of the Noro, I think it would look .... terrible.

I could just do the horizontal rows of lace on both the back and front, or I could change it all up, and make the lace pattern vertical. The Noro stripes will be very thin, since they are designed to be on a sock and I am using them on my body, and I don't think the horizontal lace would add any excitement, but put the lace vertical and I think that would add pizzazz and zing and "it."

Now, since I so far only have about 2.3 inches of lace on the bottom of my back piece, I will get to work on that and I hope to get enough done to make an interesting picture for tomorrow!

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  1. I'm not quite sure what you mean about vertical, but I'm sure it will be interesting to try it.

    You can really see the short-row spots in those close-ups in the video. I wonder what technique they used. (I did one short row project and I thought it looked better than that, though maybe I was deluding myself. It was a gift so I can't check back to see.)


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