Thursday, November 04, 2010

This is hard to photograph

The light these days is wintry and grey, and it's always hard to get good pictures of laciness, I find. Next weekend we turn back the clocks, and then it's really winter and the darkness will really close in. But still, we carry on!

This is inside with a flash. What it is meant to show is the plain knitting in the middle of the back, and the two columns of lace on either side.

That didn't inspire me with confidence, so I held the piece up to the window and took this:

See, lace and plain... Okay, still not great... Let's go outside:

I really like this piece, but can't seem to show you how great it is! There are a couple of inches of the sleeve lace pattern all round the bottom, and then the main part of the body will be like this, plain bits and lace columns. The stocking stitch looks great, if I do say so! The colours are perfect and although it seems a bit rough for such delicate stuff, I'm told it will soften up with a wash.

Now my equilibrium is about to be messed with again, because I just got a new Vogue Knitting in the mail. The cover promises lace scarves... oh, no!