Monday, November 01, 2010

Starting this November regime

This month I have 2 goals: blog every day, and finish my Noro sock yarn sweater! I'm happy to see many of my fave bloggers going for the NaBloPoMo, too!

The sleeves of the sweater are done, so my 50,000 stitches will be all in the body.

As you can see, the sleeves started out to be identical! This was not on purpose! One of the things we have to accept about this yarn is that the stripes will be different widths on sleeves, back, cardi fronts. There is no way to make the back stripes and the front stripes match, because the fronts are half the width of the body, so the stripes are over twice as many rows. And that is that.

So, one expects unevenness, disjointedness and general mayhem, colourwise.

You can imagine my shock when the sleeves just happened to turn out the same! How did that happen!?

You can also see where I had to change balls in this first sleeve. (Hint: tiny little row of turquoise.) Since I was embracing the mayhem, I just continued with the logical bit of yarn without trying to match anything up. And used just enough so that the second sleeve started at the same point in the sequence! Argh. Should I have found a new ball? We'll see when we get to the fronts.

I think enough mayhem may have been introduced with the second sleeve cap:

Now, since I mean to blog every day, I think this is enough for day one!


  1. I wish I had the dedication and the progress to post every day good luck!!

  2. oh i am loving the colors in that sweater - you're doing some gorgeous work!!


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