Saturday, November 06, 2010

A yes, a no, and a maybe

Let me first say that all these pictures have been borrowed from the VK site.

In this latest issue of the magazine, the folks at Vogue have gone even farther along the crazy line than usual, I think! The holiday issue in the good, old days offered patterns for kid and men's sweaters and gift-like things, but now it shows us glam party stuff, often using golden yarn and sparkly bits, and features those mohair tops that no-one could stand to wear next to their skin...

-- this year's is made of bulky alpaca! (It's really a scarf, but you can be so clever with a scarf, can't you?)

Oops, sidetracked by Tom Scott again...

What I think when I look at a lot of these designs is, "Wouldn't that be fun to knit? But I would never wear it!" And while fun in knitting is good, what will people do with this when they are finished?

I mean, it is a couple of layers of wool; it would keep you nice and toasty warm, but you couldn't wear it indoors, could you? I'd be sweating in my flimsy gown, with that thing around my neck! A garden party in the arctic, is where you need that baby... but! Wouldn't it be a blast to make those cable-y, ruffly layers?

This one made me gasp with delight, but again, they can't expect a person to wear it like this, can they?

I really do think I might try this, because we all know I need another pretty thing to tuck into my coat in the winter! I'd make the neck fit more closely, if I ever get around to it. Love the leaves!

Perhaps my favourite of the patterns this time round is this scarf... ahem, yes, another lacy scarf!

It is entrelac, but except for the outside bits, the squares have lacy bits knitted in. Pretty!

Tomorrow, touch wood, I'll have more attempts at sweater pictures for you.


  1. Just looking at some of those make me itchy.

  2. i think knitwear models might just go to a lot of holiday garden parties in attics.


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