Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Repeat performance

One of my great successes of late was the Ribwarmer. It was so well received, in fact, that my sister asked me to make her another one! She wears it a lot, it fits, it's comfortable -- what more could one ask!

So, although I am sort of spoken for, knitting-wise, for the next little while, I found myself in the basement of Romni Wools, on a ridiculous quest for chunky cotton yarn, in mid-November.

This is the same sort of yarn as I used before, something called Antuco. There wasn't much choice if one wanted any specific a) gauge, b) fiber and c) cost.

It should knit up sort of "denimy," I suppose. I'll certainly get to it before Christmas -- the last one only took a bit over a week to knit.

It will be a bit weird to knit the same pattern with more or less the same yarn! I do very few repeat performances... I can think of the Baby Surprise Jacket, but that might be the only garment I've ever knit more than once.


  1. There must be something in the air. I also thought (after last year's gift duo) that I wouldn't knit something twice again, though that is far less limiting for me than it is for you. But today found me at the store picking up more or less the same yarn I used for my market bag to make another one for a gift. Though really it's because I need something easy to work on when I can't quite concentrate on my lace scarf.

  2. If it's a good pattern and a good yarn, why not knit it twice

  3. garret, because it's less fun than trying something new, generally.

  4. how sweet of you to knit another ribwarmer for your sister!
    and you already know she'll appreciate it!


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