Wednesday, November 03, 2010

We can't talk about that sweater every day

I am sad to report that I am already behind schedule on the nakniswemo sweater. Tomorrow, I really really hope to have a few repeats of the lace up the back to show you, but today, let's think of something else!

Apparently, the day after Halloween is the first day of the Christmas season. The decorations in the grocery store change overnight, and bam, there are the Christmas cooking magazines there on the rack.

I have a weakness for cooking magazines. The pictures, so lovely! The descriptions (quick! simple! tasty! easy! impressive!) so tantalizing!

I should really copy out the few recipes I ever use and give away the actual magazines, but I hold on to them for years. I think I have 3 "holiday cookie" issues of various sorts.

And now I have a new one! Martha Stewart's Holiday Cookies magazine. There are recipes like these. This issue has kid-friendly cookies, and glittery cookies, and speculaas and cookies with green tea flavouring or chili powder in them. Luckily I have 2 months to make them all... Must put "butter" at the top of the shopping list, I think...


  1. Not Martha!!! Anything but martha!!
    do you want to care about what temperature that butter is when you mix it in!!I don't even know how to tell the temperature of butter!

  2. Yes, but cookie. We can always talk about cookies. Especially shortbread.

  3. oh i love martha! and i love holiday cookies!!
    i am definitely going to keep an eye out for this magazine, thanks for the heads up!


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