Sunday, November 10, 2013

It's street art, not graffitti

I was out on a walk yesterday and noticed that the wall, holding the houses above from falling into the road, had been painted.

Very clear, bright colours, attractive pictures. But a bit odd, nonetheless. The word FAILE was all over it, obviously meaning something beyond my ken. A bit of research tells me that is the name of a street-art pair from Brooklyn who were paid by our fair city to give us something nice to look at. (Tsk, that Wikipedia page is not totally up to date.)

According to the National Post, they couldn't actually be here themselves, but art-directed the project from afar. Some people object and some don't; I suspect most, like me, didn't even know about the "controversy." You can see a series of photos of the work in progress starting here

I quite like the boy asleep with his horse.

It's all certainly better than the tagging, painted over in various blotches of industrial-strength grey, that used to be there.

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  1. "Faile" (pronounced fall sha) is the Irish word for "welcome. Any good?


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