Tuesday, November 12, 2013

After I walked up the hill

I told you about the art I passed on my way up the hill the other day. Once I got to the top of the hill, I returned a book to the library and made my way to the thrift shop.

I was really on the lookout for wine glasses. We have an eclectic collection so nothing really has to match, but we've had a couple of breakages lately and I wanted to stock up. I poked around and was trying to decide between four mismatched ones, each one perfectly fine, and a boxed set of four which were quite nice, too. But then, I was totally distracted from that task by seeing a glass pedestal cake stand.

It's quite hard to take a good picture of a glass thing. You can see the shadows of the blobs that decorate it.

Here is its scalloped edge. The whole thing is very heavy and will withstand the zombie apocalypse, I am sure.

I would invite you all over for cake if I could!

And you could have a glass of wine, too; I bought the boxed set and have had nagging doubts about that ever since. If I had bigger cupboards, I'd go back for the mismatched ones.