Friday, November 15, 2013

Knitting, but not my own

I have a new sweater.

Sorry, this is a terrible picture
I bought it on Ebay for not that much money. It was on the German site, priced in euros, hardly anyone looked at it. I nervously even upped my bid in the last minutes, but it was not necessary!

It is made of Rowan Denim, so one part of my brain says I can rip it and reknit it if no-one ends up wearing it! It does fit me and I will certainly give it a good go. It's not super soft, but I think it will soften up. I washed it and air-dried it. Maybe a run in the dryer would soften it up.

I made Arthur try it on, and it actually fit him better than me, but he said he didn't like it because it is not fuzzy. For him, the perfection of a sweater lies in its fuzziness, or, as I believe he means, softness. Indeed, it doesn't seem what you'd call cozy, but not every sweater has to be cozy.

You can see that the knitter "rowed out," or did something weird so that every other row fades differently. I think also that one sleeve is of a different dye lot. It was more evident when the fabric was wet, but you can see in the picture below that things are not perfectly and totally the same colour. (That diagonal line is just a shadow or a wrinkle or something, not a big line on the sweater!)

I wonder if the neck is made according to the pattern, of if it gaped too much and so these nifty decreases were added.

A fine set-in sleeve. It's a mark of some kind of excellence that the sleeve shrunk just right and the armscye shrunk just right and it all fits together so nicely. I have enough trouble even with non-shrinking bits and set-in sleeves!

I still mean to make my own Denim masterpiece, but it is nice to have one ready-made! The knitting is well done and the design is simple and attractive. All in all, a great deal, I say!

Some of you may have noticed that I missed a day or two here in the NaBloPoMo business. I took these pictures on Thursday with the best of intentions, and although it is nearly midnight, I am writing this on Friday!

ETA: This sweater is called Scarborough, from Rowan 45.