Friday, November 29, 2013

One last distraction

If I can just keep you amused for another day, we can get through this month. I think my sister-in-law is meant to be writing a novel, so I hope to hear about that, too.

The other day I found a nice leather glove in a mud puddle. It looked like it might have been run over a couple of times, too. I picked it up and carried it around, let it drip on the cafe floor while I met some friends, carried it home on the subway, lay it on the cold air vent to dry out.

And then I took it downstairs...

This collection has been growing for a couple of years. One year there was a bumper crop of abandoned hand-wear around the 'hood, and I realised, in about March, that I could have had a wall of gloves like this one if I'd only collected them instead of just rolling my eyes at them as I went by. So the following year(s) I have picked them up if they seem truly abandoned and a bit interesting. No pairs left at the bus stop -- someone might come back for them or someone who actually needs mitts to keep their hands warm can have them. And I now avoid the plain. black, stretchy, dollar-store ones. I meant to display them in a somewhat artier fashion, but it's still a work-in-progress, you know, so they are just pinned up in a mass on the wall of the laundry room, with the Earth and a calendar Emily Carr.

Now there is a new glove on the wall. Leather, with decorative buttons! Very small, though that might be an effect of having been soaked in a mud puddle and dried on a vent.

It is somewhat ironic that the same week I found this, Arthur "lost" a brand-new pair of store-bought waterproof mittens by forgetting them in a classroom at school.