Monday, November 25, 2013

David Bowie Is

I went to the Art Gallery of Ontario this morning to see, for the third time, the David Bowie exhibit. 


One can't, of course, take pictures inside the exhibit. If I could, I would have taken pictures of this sketch he did:

or this suit that was there on a faceless mannequin: 

but as it is, I just had to get these off the AGO website.

The costumes were the highlight for me, especially the ones by Alexander McQueen, and I could have spent all day watching the videos. There are good pictures here, from when the show was at the V&A. I love especially the Union Jack coat:

As I left, humming Boys Keep Swinging, I took this picture of the back end of the gallery building, with weird purple sky and, if you look carefully, a row of pigeons along the top of the beige wing.