Sunday, November 03, 2013

Sort of knitting content

Once upon a time, in 2006, I showed you Stephen's favourite sweater. The cuffs were fraying and there were holes appearing and it was a wreck.

I can tell you that it is still his favourite sweater. It was terribly, terribly falling apart -- the cuffs were totally frayed, the buttonband had come unsewn from one side, there was a big dropped stitch disaster on the shoulder -- and I felt like the queen in Franklin's video. (He talks about it here, but the video doesn't seem to be on that page anymore. So, here ya go.)


I kept refusing to mend the sweater. He has other sweaters. I would knit him a blue one, or green. Cables, whatever, just let me make you a new sweater. No, he says, I like this sweater.

Finally, I was somehow tricked into mending this one. I reattached the buttonband, mended a few holes, hooked up the dropped stitch, and hacked the cuffs off and reknit them. Here you can see the renewed sweater with plain black cuffs and the old bits I'd cut off.

He is actually very grateful and loves his new-old sweater even more now. I still mean to make him a replacement one day, but since I've put it off for seven years, a while more won't hurt.

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