Wednesday, November 13, 2013

I went to a rally

I went down to City Hall today to yell about the stupid mayor. While we were listening to speakers (who didn't know how to use a megaphone) and shouting slogans (hey, hey, ho, ho...) the council was meeting and shouting and the Ford brothers were generally acting badly.

This is someone else's photo I saw on Twitter. My pictures are held hostage until I find the cable to download them! Under the sign that says You Had A Good Run on the right, you can see my lime green coat. No head, unfortunately.

I'm not sure this will do any good at all. It's very embarrassing to have a mayor of the largest city in Canada who is such a buffoon. More and more allegations are coming out about shenanigans in the mayor's office. Surely anyone with a bit of sense would resign??

Tomorrow, knitting, I promise!