Friday, November 08, 2013

I think it's finished

My blanket of scarves is done, I think. Here it is on the king-size bed.

I still have a few swatches and there are places this could be filled in, but I think in order to preserve some sort of reasonable design sense, I should stop here. 

Which way does it go?

I did throw this in the washing machine on gentle/fingers-crossed, and it is now drying sort of flat on a rack. It didn't suffer any grave damage in the machine, and even came out a bit neater and flatter here and there.

Opposite the Louvre floor squares are the "hmm, let's try this" swatches. From left to right:

  • Classic Elite Maya in dark brown and soft grey, knitted to sort of resemble a design on a medieval floor tile. As I recall, I was going to use this as a badge on some sort of tunic but never did;
  • grey Lopi in a bear-claw pattern. This was going to be gorgeous: big and lacy and drapey. However, it never got bigger than this;
  • the grey version of the chains you saw before
  • and another big Lopi lace idea. That phase lasted until I knit all my Lopi into this, some time before 2005. Now I don't think I'll knit with it again because it bugs my nose!
The swatches I have left are a bunch of whitish acrylic Aran cable samples and a bunch of denim bits from a short-lived experiment some years back where I was going to knit a swatch a week, or even a day! I have about 4 of each of those, but think I'll just put them back in the cupboard till next time. I also have a fun fur scarf or two, but those are just too loud and furry! I could also go round this with a crochet hook and some "unifying" colour, but that also seems to go contrary to the whole crazy idea. 

When I started this, in my mind I called it "Around the corner from Gwithian Beach," Gwthian Beach being this blanket on Ravelry. Pics of the real blanket from the book are here. (I wonder how far Kay got on that project. Well, I can hardly criticize someone for starting blankets and 10 years later still only having three squares.)