Tuesday, November 26, 2013

A blog I found

One of the things I never think about with NaBloPoMo is that other people do it at the same time. And not just knitters. There is a blog where registered bloggers list their posts and you can check out other blogs, with the idea that you get more exposure, more community, more readers.

There are a ton of things there, but not my blog, because it didn't occur to me until last week that this was at all organized. I've never registered for NaBloPoMo in previous years, either. 

I clicked around a bit there and found one gem of a blog. First I thought, wow, cool idea: take a 19th-century book about London and wander around seeing what's there now. And then I thought, when I saw all the photos and the links and the research, wow, what a lot of work! 

The blogger also offers a list of sources, including a Pinterest page where you can lose yourself for hours. Fashion, history, hospitals... 

I will check back and see how the tour of London progresses!

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