Saturday, November 02, 2013

Adrift and rudderless

Well, it's day two and I am drifting dangerously already.

Our neighbourhood party last night was a fine success. I must say that my après-party day has not involved much action. I emptied the dishwasher and picked up a few stray glasses and took various plates and things back to people, and played a lot of Facebook Scrabble.

We now have at least 3 big pieces of brie in the fridge because everyone thought it would be lovely to have some brie. Also, the veg and dip, usually a surefire munchable dish, was apparently too much to handle, so we've got a ton of raw veg all nicely cut up. I wonder if you can make brie-vegetable soup.

Oh, look at this: brie and vegetable pie!

I think that is my good deed for the day, finding you that recipe.