Sunday, November 17, 2013

Some of the sock yarn

Today I took pictures of easily identifiable, largish quantities of sock yarn. There are still a few bags of single 50g balls, odds and ends, things without labels. I am also noting here how many projects there are shown on Ravelry, because one of the sock group's challenges for 2104 is to knit with one's stashed yarn that has the fewest projects. Most people seem to be finding their fancy indie-dyers' yarn is top of their list for that; I seem to have scratchy, discontinued commercial yarn.

So, here goes:

San Francisco. This likely came from the basement at Romni, and the reviews on Ravelry are not encouraging. Cheap and cheerful, though. There are 152 projects on Rav and only 4 comments about it felting to itself or snapping or feeling rough. Ah, never read the reviews; only the discontented bother to comment. I hope that, come January, you'll see a pair of Arthurian San Francisco socks fly off the needles.

Comfort Sockenwolle. This has 216 projects. Once upon a time, a long, long time ago, one of Stephen's former students, who was living in Germany, gave this to me because I had helped her and some others sew up a blanket for another student's new baby. I think I started this once but was uninspired by the colours, or maybe thought it was too thin.

Fortissima Socka Color. Or, in this case, zebra yarn! There are 219 projects with this yarn, but the same company makes a lot of similar yarns with slightly different names. I suspect this looks better in the ball than as socks, but we shall see.

Lang Jawoll Cotton, 341 projects. I have 4 skeins of this, and another in an orangey colourway. One could make a big thing with all that yarn. A big shawl, at least (which I need like a hole in the head).

Jawoll Magic.  A whopping 4399 projects! I once started socks with this but the pattern and yarn were not that well matched. I think a plain pair of socks or maybe a small shawl (another hole in the head) is likely.

Lions Brand Sock Ease, used in 5368 projects! Bright enough? This is destined for Arthur, I am sure. Also from the sale bin. Do I ever buy full-price sock yarn? I would say, no.

Patons Kroy FX. My most popular sock yarn today: 6918 projects. I got this in Southampton the second time we went there, so a year ago August, just as my elbow was telling me to never ever knit again.

Wow, I can't tell you how glad I am to be at the bottom of this list! This was not a lightning post, with all the linking and so on, and I was making shepherd's pie at the same time. Hop up, stir onions, sit down, check Ravelry, hop up, add meat, sit down, load a picture... What a day. Now the pie is ready for the oven and the sock yarn has been tamed. Only laundry and all that other stuff to do now. Onward!

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