Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Out and about on a Wednesday

Today I had a million things to do, but all fun. Actually, I had three things to do: play Scrabble, go to the ROM and have lunch.

Guess what, I forgot my camera; just had the one on my phone.

I lost the Scrabble game, though it was close. Once I had ONGOING on my rack, but it was late in the game and there was nowhere to put it. I did, however, start off the whole game with TOKENED, which is pretty good, if I do say so myself.

After Scrabble, I dashed off to the museum. I met my friend and we wandered pretty aimlessly around, spending quite a bit of time with ancient Greek vases (the red and black ones are lovely, but a good geometric vase is quite a special thing, I think)

and the odd mosaic floor, which looks like the pattern in Monkey socks, don't you think?

Wow, must remember to take a real camera next time.

The only thing I really wanted to look at was the Malagasy textiles, but there seemed to be no sign telling us where they might be. We strolled through a few centuries of wooden cabinets and silver tea sets, wondering how big a house one would need to have space for stunning art deco sculptures and such.

Shortly before we had to leave, we found ourselves in Asia and Africa, and there, over in the corner, were a couple of cases of very nice woven shawls and wrappers from Madagascar. Beautiful, but I didn't get a picture. Another time.

We had to head out to meet another friend for lunch, so we went down the Stair of Wonders, which I always enjoy. It's one good thing that came out of the recent renovation of the museum, I think. And there we saw some wonders, indeed.

Giant butterfly, big old bug.

Lunch: excellent company, okay food! And home to find the house elves had not been hard at work in my absence.

Now that I've got the phone and computer in the same place, I will see what else I have on there! Ten more days of November to go...

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