Tuesday, November 05, 2013

This blanket is getting weirder

My blanket of scarves now includes all I ever knit of my Louvre floor blanket (three whole squares)

and a swatch I made in 2006 for a hat. I know, who swatches for a hat?

When we went to Mull in 2005, we saw some gorgeous rusty chain. So I eventually had to make a rusty chain hat. And I guess I was very careful with worrying about the gauge on the stranded knitting, so I actually made two swatches, this blue one and a grey one.

There is a niche on the other side of the blanket which needs filling in, so the grey one will appear eventually.

Then somehow I have to wash the whole thing, which is made of wool, acrylic, silk, cotton, mohair, viscose and something angora-like. That will be an adventure! I suspect I will toss it in the machine on gentle and see what happens.


  1. i am loving this blanket!! so much fun!!

  2. What a brilliant idea. I'd say that it is getting cosier, rather than weirder.


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