Thursday, November 19, 2020

Day 19

The room upstairs is now covered with cut up jeans legs, but there's not really much that's exciting to show just yet. 

I made a hat, did I show you? This yarn came in my box of stuff from Claudio and it's chunky and fluffy and brown. The pattern is simple and managed to use the whole ball. Charity box. I think it will be warm with the bit of alpaca, although the yarn is 70% acrylic. 

I also took apart a hat I made in the past few months. 

It is a child's size. I just can't leave it sitting around waiting for an 8-year-old to appear, and I love the colours so much that I will make a big one for me! 

The last piece of super-exciting news I have is that I made a new muffin recipe. Zucchini Cheese Bran! You soak All-Bran cereal in buttermilk, add the usual flour, egg, a bit of sugar, and a cup of grated cheese and a cup of grated zucchini. 

Tasty and good for you. Breakfast-appropriate and lunch-ready. 

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